Accurate Base Data is the Foundation of a Successful Project

Who We Are

Our History:

Founded in 1998 Dagostino & Wood has been providing land surveying and geospatial data services to a wide range of clients in both the Public and Private Sectors. Our services have covered the majority of Florida from Gainesville to the Florida Keys.

Our Mission:

To provide traditional and innovative land surveying and geospatial services that deliver accurate data, bringing value to each project we are involved with.  Using traditional and innovative modern technologies and methods, we supply crucial accurate and precise data needed as the foundation of successful real estate, engineering, mapping and construction projects.

Our Experience:

The principals and project management staff of Dagostino & Wood brings a diverse history of experience in all types of surveying from sub-oceanic pipe placement in the oil industry, to laser scanning in industrial settings, to land development and property surveying. We have provided services to both public and private sector clients in numerous fields for over 18 years.

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Our Process
Project Planning

The first and most important step to a successful project is to understand our clients goals and desired outcomes. We strive to achieve each clients specific needs, so the first step in our process is to meet with the client and review exactly what we are trying to accomplish and the time frame we are working with. Doing this allows us to tailor the process we use to achieve the clients goals.

Project Execution

Within the process designed to achieve the specific goals of the client, we implement a specific plan to achieve the desired result quickly and economically. Using a full range of the latest surveying technology we use advanced tools in the field and efficient office procedures to deliver the highest quality data to our clients. Using traditional surveying techniques as well as, GPS, Laser Scanning or a combination of methods we bring data to our clients on time and on budget.

Project Management

We believe in a multi-level management approach for our projects. Every job is managed directly by a Professional Surveyor & Mapper directing a senior survey technician and an experienced field crew chief to complete the project. Real-time communication and data transfer between the field and our office allows for a seamless collaboration between our key management personnel on any project.

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Contact Us

Address: 5415 Jaeger Road
Suite A, Naples FL 34109

Phone: (239) 352-6085